Exo + Pastels

Oh Sehun in blue

its gross how perfect you are

Chansoo A/U: Remember when we first met? The only thing I wanted to do was to see you again. Fate helped me out, and I fell for you. I did the silly thing of inviting you to watch a sad movie on our first date. When you cried, I didn’t know what to do so I just kept eating. We were so happy… I really thought we’d be together forever. But like many couples, somehow we drifted. Even though we’re no longer be together… I hope that wherever you are, you’ll always be happy. I’m sorry. Thank you for everything, Do Kyungsoo, my first love.
July 25th  eugh why baekhyun



July 25th  exo
July 25th  suho
tao unbuttoning his shirt and his little helpers




8-bit version of why’d you only call me when you’re high?

holy fuck, holy fuck, i love this. i love this so much, oh my god. i want to listen to everything in 8-bit and this espescially on repeat. holy fuck im having a crisis. im having an identity crisis oh my god. this is amazing. i fucking love this. holy shit. shitting fuck of a fuckwad cunt. oh ,man, oh fuck. someone send help


July 25th