Sam. 16. INFJ.
I love good music and pretty people.
u _ u
90% EXO Blog 10% Other things like: Irene, The Creatures (esp. Aleks) and personal shit.
60% pastel posts 40% not?
I'm like a wannabe pale/pastel EXO blog tbh I don't know what I'm doing.
Junior year has begun!! Everything is pretty chill for right now idk check my personal post about it if you're interested for some strange reason.
Also I'm probs gonna get a job at the outlet mall across the street and that also is causing me anxiety heh.
*hint* that means I won't be as active on here now I am gomen.
Well that's it for now I guess I mean idk what you're doing on my weird ass blog but thanks so much I think you're a cutie patootie!! Uuuhhmmm I don't have many friends irl so wow if you were to come talk to me that'd be like
so amazing. Wow.
Anyways I love you lots and thaaaaank youuuuuu~ ♡

The Kim line (minus Suho)

1 month ago  exo

Suho’s impeccable airport fashion

1 month ago  suho

(TRANS) Elle Men Interview - Chanyeol

You looked especially skilled during the photoshoot earlier, do you practice often?
Chanyeol: In comparison to practicing in front of a mirror, experience is always more important. Due to frequent[ly going for] photoshoots, I am very familiar with the angles or poses that go better with…